About Us

This two-person adventure consists of David and Brittany, who have been practically high school sweethearts. David has always preferred cats to other animals, and had a fluffy orange terror named Chester when he was a child. Brittany did not discriminate between species, catching frogs, salamanders, bugs, and snakes all her life and jumping at literally any opportunity to force herself upon nature. She owned fish, frogs, snakes, lizards, and a couple of cats over the years. The wilder, the better.

We came across Savannahs rather on accident in 2020. A close friend and our de facto mentor had a kitten whose prospective home didn’t work out, and after some discussion wherein Brittany was the instigator and David the enabler, we decided to jump on the opportunity to gain another feline overlord. Winry, a marble tabby F5, turned out to be the most tenacious, mischievous, heart-melting companion we could’ve asked for. She revels in keeping us on our toes in the name of attention.

From then on we were smitten, adding two unrelated and unaltered Savannah kittens in 2022. Pippin, an F8 SBT male with giant ears, soulful green eyes, and the cuddliest personality became our stud. Aria, an F5 SBT with the ideal slinky body, giant black nose, and princess personality became our queen. These two playful and loving additions have livened the household, and we would not know what to do without them.

About Our Cattery

We run our cattery out of our house. The cats are all family and have mostly full run of the house, meaning they interact with other people, sleep with us, eat with us, and get to be cats. Even Pippin, who’s an intact Tom, wanders the house freely most of the day. We believe in tailoring routines to the individual cat’s personality and adjusting to better suit their mental and physical health.