Meet the Cats

Winry – Treehouse A Lass Insane

Winry is our first Savannah, an F5 SBT marble tabby. We should have known from the moment we saw her that she would be more than a handful, between watching her battle her own mom at her breeder’s house and blatantly ignoring us to climb bookshelves. She is the sole reason we have childproof locks on every cabinet in the kitchen as well as any door that doesn’t have a doorknob in the house – she just HAS to know what we’re keeping from her! When she was 6 months old she wrestled our dish drying rack out of a cabinet, then stared at us proudly over her kill. Every act of mischief is a game she plays to see if she can get a reaction from us, and just when we feel at our wits’ end this Sour Patch Kid comes to cuddle as if she hadn’t been an exasperating little goblin child for the last hour.

Aria – Treehouse PrincessAria of LankyLegs

Aria is a true princess – she must have her way or else everyone will hear about it. She loves sitting on her human lap-throne, and she will tolerate the other cats on her terms. She has an amazing profile, beautiful high-set ears and a black nose to die for, and she knows she’s gorgeous. Every morning she hears the humans’ alarm go off and will demand attention, whether it’s in the form of cuddling or fetch.

We took Aria to one cat show in April 2023, where she needed just one final to champion. She has the chops to become a champion, and we hope to show her again in 2024 to hopefully finish that title.

Pippin – Treehouse PeregrinTook of LankyLegs

Pippin is a cuddlebug – his favorite place is in a lap. He has amazing giant ears, a nice short tail, and the most gentle, friendly eyes you could ask for. There isn’t a mean bone in his body as long as he isn’t at the vet. He’s a rather atypical Tom, being overly friendly and yet still tenacious enough to act on his instincts when needed.