Here are current/planned litters and availability:

Pippin x Aria 2023

We bred Pippin and Aria in August 2023, and Aria gave birth to four healthy kittens October 6/7! All kittens are doing well, and the entire litter is spotted! Stay tuned for pictures, sexes, and availability as they get stronger and develop into mini monsters.

January 7, 2024

The boys are 13 weeks now! They have done phenomenally and are confidently exploring the hours and interacting with the other cats. Their little personalities are starting to really shine!

February 25, 2024

Three kittens remain! They are up to date on all vaccines and are neutered! All three are delights around the house, and we love playing with them and teaching them about their world.

Stir Fry/Green Collar: This boy has the darkest markings and is the most confident of the brothers. He is very fond of climbing onto shoulders, loves attention, and has excellent ears. Anyone who wants to take their Savannah with them while shopping or traveling will want to consider this outgoing chap. He is going to be a delightful addition to a home that has the time to play with him.

Crab Rangoon/Orange Collar: This little one is more careful than his brothers, but he has grown quite confident and sweet. He looooves to squeak at you and get his head scratched. He is a toy fiend, especially the feather wand, and loves to wrestle his brothers.

Chili Dog/Blue Collar: He was the largest of the brothers when he was born and LOVES to play! His personality is playful yet laid back, his little internal motor does not know when to turn off, and he has the most amazing hooded eyes and large ears.

Cosmic Crisp/Red Collar – Sold: This lad was the smallest of the litter, but he has not let that stop his giant personality! He is confident and playful, loves attention, and will not let us forget dinner with his 5-second-long meows as we prepare it. His coat is the lightest, with the most perfect spots, and his proportions are great as well. Cosmic Crisp has found his forever home!

April 2024

How are these boys still available?? Stir Fry, Crab Rangoon, and Chili Dog are all getting huge – they’re as big as their mother at only 7 months old. Stir Fry has turned into the ultimate lover, constantly demanding attention from us whenever we are seated. Crab Rangoon has many opinions, including how often he should be getting attention, and Chili Dog is ever the toy fiend. They’re now larger kittens but they come with learned skills, such as knowing how to properly use scratching posts and getting used to harnesses. They are also used to other cats and love to play!